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    Is XYO a good investment 2021?

    Yes, XYO is a great investment as per our XYO price prediction! Based on the fundamental analysis of projects as well as the technical details of the company, XYO has unique blockchain applications compared to other projects. Similarly, How is DAI pegged to the dollar? As mentioned above, Dai is pegged to the U.S. dollar. […] More

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    Is DAI A Good investment 2022?

    DigitalCoinPrice says there will be stability, with a DAI coin price prediction for 2022 at $1.01 in 2022, 2023, 2044 and staying that price until 2031. Gov. Capital suggests price growth, claiming it could be worth $5.68 in five years’ time, breaking the $2 mark in March 2024. Similarly, Can DAI Be Trusted? DAI is […] More

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    How does DAI make money?

    When the price goes back up, Dai crypto holders make profits, and demand increases. As demand increases, the supply decreases since users borrow Dai through Collateralized Debt Position (CDPs) and buy from the market. Thus, they cause the Dai price to go back up to its target price. Similarly, Is DAI safe to hold? The […] More