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    Can DASH coin be traced?

    Since Dash cryptocurrency transactions cannot be traced, their history is unknown. This makes all the Dash coins equal and fungible. Likewise, Can DASH be traced? Chainalysis announced Monday its Reactor and Know Your Transaction (KYT) products can now trace zcash and dash, two privacy coins whose technical underpinnings theoretically make their transaction flows difficult for […] More

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    Is Dash better than Bitcoin?

    Dash encompasses a variable block reward that decreases at a 7.1 % rate annually. The common block mining time is 2-5 minutes on the Dash blockchain that makes it fourfold quicker than Bitcoin. Likewise, What coins will go up in 2022? 10 Best Altcoins to Invest in 2022 Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Overall Best Cryptocurrency […] More

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    Where can I buy Darkcoin?

    Where can you buy Darkcoins ? Darkcoins can be find on different exchanges that deal with Altcoins. The biggest Altcoin exchanges today are Cryptsy and MintPal. Inside Cryptsy you’ll be able to find a DRK/BTC exchange which will let you exchange Bitcoins for Darkcoins. Likewise, Where can I sell my DASH coins? Step by Step […] More