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    What type of social media is Digg?

    Digg is a social networking website featuring user-submitted news stories. Digg features links from across the Internet, ranging from widely known news sources to obscure blogs. Digg also builds its own list of popular stories that are going viral across the Web. Similarly, What is Digg app? The official Digg app for Android is here. […] More

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    How much did Kevin Rose sell Digg for?

    Rose continued on at Digg until March 18, 2011, when he resigned from all operational activities, only keeping a presence on the board of directors; Digg was acquired by Betaworks, in 2012, for $0.5 million (equivalent to $0.6 million in 2021). Similarly, Why is Digg good? The Benefits of Digg Digg is the most popular […] More