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    Has Dogecoin died?

    In the past 6 months, Dogecoin is down over 61%. It has come down significantly after hitting all-time highs of around $0.70 in May 2021. Many speculate that this price action was caused by a mass selloff after the coin appreciated tremendously in the first half of 2021. Similarly, Is Kabosu Still Alive 2021? Despite […] More

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    Is Cheems a God?

    Summary. Cheems A.K.A. Cheemsburbger is an infinite being that took the form of a giant Doge with a malevolent smirk. A god who transcended time and space within the r/dogelore universe. Similarly, What is Doges real name? Daniel Van Boom loves speaking about himself in the third person. Though you may not know her name, […] More

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    Does Doge have an Instagram?

    (@dogecoin_official) • Instagram photos and videos. Similarly, Is kabosu dog alive? She was originally in a puppy mill and was going to be euthanized before she was freed and adopted by Mrs. Satō. Kabosu is still alive at the time of this writing (thank god) and is sixteen years old. In dog years, Kabosu is […] More