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    How many bolivares is a dollar?

    Convert US Dollar to Venezuelan Bolívar USD VEF 1 USD 449,049 VEF 5 USD 2,245,250 VEF 10 USD 4,490,490 VEF 25 USD 11,226,200 VEF Likewise, How much is a Bolivar? Convert Venezuelan Bolívar to US Dollar VEF USD 1 VEF 0.00000220193 USD 5 VEF 0.0000110096 USD 10 VEF 0.0000220193 USD 25 VEF 0.0000550482 USD As […] More

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    What is the average salary in Peru?

    Between March and May 2021, the average income for women working in Lima, Peru amounted to around 1,336 Peruvian soles per month. In turn, the average monthly income for men stood at 1,721 Peruvian soles, about 390 soles more than women. Likewise, How much does a Coke cost in Peru? Cost of living in Peru […] More

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    Which currency is spent in Peru?

    The official currency of Peru is the Sol (S/). Banknotes have denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 soles. Coins come in values of 1, 2 and 5 soles, as well as 10, 20 and 50 cents. Likewise, Is Peru a poor country? Despite years of promises and billions in social programs, the bulk […] More