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    Can you still get ENS tokens?

    You can buy and create a domain in the ENS site with “. ETH” after the name, as opposed to “.com.” The ENS crypto is available to anyone who creates an ENS domain name and you have until 4 May 2022 to claim your token. To do this, you must first set up a Metamask […] More

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    What is an ENS airdrop?

    ENS is an Ethereum token that governs the Ethereum Name Service, a protocol for human-readable crypto addresses and decentralized domain names and to be eligible for ENS Airdrop, ENS has to be used to propose and vote for changes to the protocol. Similarly, Where do I claim ENS in airdrop? How to claim ENS airdrop […] More

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    Will ENS go up?

    DigitalCoinPrice has an ENS price prediction that is rather more conservative. The site says that the token could reach around $24.86 in 2022, before hitting $28.02 the following year before falling back down to $26.63 in 2024. Similarly, What are .eth names? ETH domain or username? Ethereum Name Service is a blockchain protocol for users […] More