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    Who created GenCoin?

    Izzy Morales, a tech genius who created GenCoin to disrupt the world of digital currency. With her invention in the hands of the Russian Mob, she launches ArakNet, a darknet prototype. Look out, world. What was her start-up role? Besides, What is GenCoin in StartUp? StartUp follows “the emergence of GenCoin, a brilliant yet controversial […] More

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    What is GenCoin?

    WHAT IS GENCOIN ? Gencoin Capital is a community-driven token that aims to bring generational wealth for it’s holders. Powered by a unique investment treasury and a turbo-charged tokenomic system, Gencoin is strategically designed to incentivize holders with token buybacks, holder giveaways and charity events. Besides, How much is GenCoin worth? The live GenCoin Capital […] More