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    What are synteny maps?

    Synteny maps. (A) For each Tetraodon chromosome, colored segments represent conserved synteny with a particular human chromosome. Synteny is defined as groups of two or more Tetraodon genes that possess an orthologue on the same human chromosome, irrespective of orientation or order. Similarly, What is the purpose of synteny testing? What is the purpose of […] More

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    What is comparative DNA?

    Comparative genomics is a field of biological research in which the genomic features of different organisms are compared. The genomic features may include the DNA sequence, genes, gene order, regulatory sequences, and other genomic structural landmarks. Similarly, What does CoGe do? CoGe is a platform for performing Comparative Genomics research. It provides an open-ended network […] More

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    Why do we compare genomes?

    By comparing the sequences of genomes of different organisms, researchers can understand what, at the molecular level, distinguishes different life forms from each other. Similarly, How does CGH work? Array CGH compares your child’s DNA with a control DNA sample and identifies differences between the two sets of DNA. In this way, deletions or duplications […] More