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    Why does Hathor wear a bracelet?

    Once known as the Mistress of the West, Hathor was responsible for guiding souls to the Afterlife. Hathor wears the Bracelet of Forty-Two Stars to keep the demons of the dark realm of chaos from pursuing her. Similarly, What does Hathor hold in her hand? The ancient idea that Hathor represented the sky and was […] More

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    What is special about Hathor?

    She was the goddess of motherhood, love, joy, fertility, dance, and beauty. She was also in charge of welcoming the dead spirits to the afterlife, providing them with food and drinks, and thus her name “Goddess of the Western Mountain.” According to an ancient myth, Hathor was a sky goddess, along with Nut. Similarly, What […] More

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    What are the 7 hathors?

    The “Seven Hathors” were worshiped in seven cities: Waset (Thebes), Iunu (On, Heliopolis), Aphroditopolis, Sinai, Momemphis, Herakleopolis, and Keset. They may have been linked to the constellations Pleiades. Hathor was also a goddess of destruction in her role as the Eye of Ra – defender of the sun god. Similarly, Why does Hathor wear a […] More