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    What is Richard Heart real name?

    Call them a cult or call them fans, these followers of the HEX cryptocurrency from Richard Heart (real name Richard Schueler ) are fanatical about their support. Similarly, How did Richard Heart make his money? He came across Bitcoin for $1 through Reddit. However, unlike average crypto enthusiasts, he dug deeper and found drawbacks of […] More

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    What is the future of hex?

    According to data from algorithm-based predictions by Gov Capital, HEX could hit $1 per coin during the second quarter of 2023. However, these projections should not be taken as recommendations to invest in the coin, as many factors could weigh on the performance of the asset. Similarly, Where will Dogecoin be in 5 years? These […] More

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    Is Hex coin going up?

    It expects HEX to climb above $1 in September 2023, and reach $2 in 2025. Its HEX crypto price prediction argues it to be worth almost $3.75 by April 2027. DigitalCoinPrice does not think HEX will surpass $1, making it one the most bearish predictions. It expects HEX to stay under the $0.20 mark until […] More