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    Is Hex coin a pyramid scheme?

    To be clear, HEX IS a very elaborate ponzi scheme. Richard Heart found a clever way to legitimize it by using colorful language. Such as, “You do the work yourself”. Even though you participate in a scheme where value is taken from one person to pay another. In the same way, Is Hex better than […] More

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    Is Hex a hoax?

    HEX has been dubbed a Ponzi scheme, a scam, and even worse, and has been compared to the likes of notorious crypto projects gone defunct like BitConnect. In the same way, Is Hex coin a good investment? The interest that you may receive from HEX for staking the coins for a long time is really […] More

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    Is Hex better than Bitcoin?

    Security and Advantages. HEX cryptocurrency is faster and cheaper to transact and more secure in some ways than Bitcoin because it uses Ethereum security. HEX is built on top of Ethereum, which is a Proof of Work blockchain with more decentralized hashing power than Bitcoin. In the same way, What is Richard Heart real name? […] More