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    Did Spice and Wolf end?

    Author Isuna Hasekura finished the light novel series, bringing Holo and Kraft Lawrence’s journey to a close, but now the sequel, Spice And Wolf New Theory: Wolf And Parchment, is reviving the story for a new generation. In the same way, Will Spice and Wolf have a Season 3? In 2016, the author announced that […] More

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    Is there a season 3 of Spice and Wolf?

    Is Spice and Wolf season 3 Still Coming? Reply with yours! Despite public demand and countless petitions, the show creator himself has previously said he’s not interested in creating season 3. However, on February 2022, we received a piece of exciting news. In the same way, What episode does Holo kiss Lawrence? Wolf and Endless […] More

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    Does Holo like Lawrence?

    By this point Holo has also become more openly affectionate toward Lawrence, enjoying holding his hand and being by his side. Although she does rebuke him after she attempts to hold his hand a second time, only to have Lawrence move both times without realizing what he was doing. In the same way, How tall […] More