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    Who was hashirama’s sensei?

    During his time as Hokage and thinking of the future of the village, Hashirama and his brother became sensei to the future Third Hokage named Hiruzen Sarutobi. Similarly, Who is Itachis Sensei? At age 11, Itachi joined the Anbu as its youngest member. In the anime, Itachi is assigned to Team Ro, working alongside Tenzo […] More

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    Who is kushina’s parents?

    Kushina’s parents were presumed died, but Kushina was eventually founded by a group of Konoha Ninjas who took Kushina into the village where she was made a citizen. By the time she was 6 years old, she attended Konoha Ninja Academy where she met her future husband Minato for the first time. Similarly, Who is […] More