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    Can Koda understand animals MHA?

    The conversation began after the user hit up social media with a chart breaking down Koda’s true strength. So far as fans know, Koda has the ability to speak with animals, but that definition is vague at best. So far, fans have seen Koda work with birds, insects, and mammals… which is a lot. Similarly, […] More

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    How tall is Ojiro?

    My Hero Academia Character Height Chart Character Height Mashirao Ojiro 5’6” ½ (168.9 cm) Mezo Shoji 6’1” ½ (186.7 cm) Hanta Sero 5’10” (177.8 cm) Koji Koda 6’1” (185.4 cm) • 1 avr. 2022 Similarly, What does the Invisible girl look like in My Hero Academia? Toru is a fairly short girl with a completely […] More

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    Who is the youngest in Class 1-A?

    1) Mezo Shoji Shoji is the youngest character in class 1-A of My Hero Academia. He is a strong and capable hero whose quirks allow him to have six hands while each can act as another sensory organ such as eyes, noses and ears. This character has great combat and recon abilities, making him a […] More