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    What causes fetal LUTO?

    The two most common causes of LUTO include posterior urethral valves (PUVs), and urethral atresia [5]. In general, obstruction at the bladder outlet in males is caused by PUVs, whereas in females it is secondary to urethral atresia [4]. Similarly, Who is LUTO? A lower urinary tract obstruction (LUTO) is a rare birth defect in […] More

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    How do you treat LUTO?

    Treatment for LUTO A shunt is a hollow tube that temporarily bypasses the lower urinary tract obstruction and provides an alternate passageway for urine to go from the bladder through the abdominal wall to the amniotic fluid space around the fetus. Similarly, What are the symptoms of LUTO? Possible signs of LUTO include: enlarged bladder. […] More

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    What does ureter pain feel like?

    These are mineral deposits that can grow large enough to block a ureter, a tube that connects your kidney and bladder. If that happens, you’ll feel sharp pain or cramps in your back or side. It can also spread out to your groin. As you try to pee out the stone, you might feel waves […] More