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    How common is LUTO?

    Lower urinary tract obstructions (LUTO), also known as obstructive uropathy, are rare birth defects that occur in 1 in 5,000 to 7,000 births, commonly in male fetuses. Similarly, Is bladder neck blockage curable? Bladder neck obstruction may exist for many years with few symptoms before treatment is sought. However, once it’s treated, the symptoms of […] More

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    Can babies survive LUTO?

    Some babies with LUTO may grow up to be healthy children, without any long-term kidney or lung damage. But some babies may have kidneys and lungs that work poorly, or not at all. These babies may need interventions such as a ventilator to help them breathe or they may need dialysis. Similarly, Is LUTO treatable? […] More

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    What happens if baby doesn’t pee in womb?

    If both ureters are blocked, or if the blockage is in the urethra, the fetus is unable to discharge (or “void”) urine and cannot produce amniotic fluid, which can lead to underdeveloped lungs. Similarly, How common is renal agenesis? Bilateral renal agenesis occurs in 1 of 4500 live births and is usually found in boys. […] More