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    How do I fund my MEXC account?

    How to Deposit Crypto to MEXC Spot Account (Web) Step 1: Log into MEXC account on, click on [Wallet] – [Overview] Step 2: Please click on the [Deposit] button; select the token to be deposited. … Step 3: After choosing token USDT, ‘USDT Available Network’ will be shown in the [Network] column. Similarly, How […] More

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    Why is my crypto frozen on MEXC?

    (i) Account frozen risk: User’s account may be frozen or forcefully confiscated by judicial institutions in the event of debt default or alleged crimes. Prohibited Actions on MEXC: 1. Actions such as money-laundering, counterfeit transaction, illegal fund-raising and fraud are prohibited. Similarly, How do you get crypto on MEXC global? Step 1: Launch your MEX […] More

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    Is MEXC exchange legit?

    Is MEXC Exchange legit? MEXC is a safe and legit crypto exchange, and it has been in the market for a few years now. There have also been no breaches or security concerns in the past, making it even safer for their users. Similarly, Is MEXC global legal in US? MEXC Global is present across […] More