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    What does a mimir mean in memes?

    Little green witch says: a mimir (to sleep). The expression was not understood by the artist, so she was given the explanation that it was a tender way of saying “to sleep” to sleep. Similarly, What does a mimir means? / (ˈmiːmɪə) / Save This Word! noun. Norse myth a giant who guarded the well […] More

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    What did Mimir do to Odin?

    Humorously, Odin’s act in removing his eye was actually the result of a psychedelic experience he underwent after drinking the water which Mimir himself drugged. Similarly, What is Amir? : a ruler, chief, or commander in Islamic countries. Then, Why is Freya mad at Mimir? This also reveals that at some unknown point, Freya cursed […] More