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    Can a Moom have a moon?

    Yes, it is possible for a moon to itself have moons and/or rings, and there are a few places where scientists have suggested that this is (or was) the case. However, moons tend to rotate slowly, and this makes it difficult for a moon’s moon to find a stable orbit. Similarly, What would happen if […] More

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    Who is MoonMoon?

    Professional Gaming. Moonmoon started streaming in April 2016. He was hosted by A_Seagull a few times and slowly gained popularity. He also ensured that he streamed consistently at hours that were good for both European and North American audiences in order to maximize his potential viewership. Similarly, How much is MoonMoon worth? What Is MoonMoon […] More

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    Can a planet have 2 suns?

    Can a planet really have two suns? While many things about Star Wars are purely fictional, it turns out that planets orbiting two or more stars is not one of them. In 2011, NASA embarked on the Kepler mission, exploring the Milky Way galaxy to find other habitable planets. Similarly, What color is the Earth? […] More