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    Is OUSD crypto safe?

    While it’s impossible to guarantee our contracts are 100% safe, we have taken every step possible to mitigate the chance of losing funds: We regularly have our work audited by the top auditors in the industry. DeFi insurance is availble to offer smart contract coverage as an optional add-on service for OUSD holders. Similarly, What […] More

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    Where can I buy OUSD?

    OUSD is currently available on the following centralized exchanges. … We recommend using the Origin Dollar DApp to ensure you always get the best rate. Buy OUSD on 1inch Buy OUSD on Curve Buy OUSD on Uniswap v3 Buy OUSD on Uniswap v2 Buy OUSD on Sushiswap Similarly, Is OUSD on Ethereum? We’re excited to […] More