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    How do I connect my PNK Bluetooth keyboard?

    Connection Guide Press FN + 5 for 3 seconds until the indicator light starts to blink. Use the provided Type-C to USB cable to connect your device and the keyboard. Similarly, How do I change the lights on my PNK keyboard? Press FN+9 or FN+0 to light the customizable lighting. Then, How do I pair […] More

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    Why is my Bluetooth keyboard not connecting?

    If your Bluetooth keyboard will not pair with your computer, even though the keyboard normally connects, the first thing to do is replace the batteries in the keyboard. If your keyboard uses another power source, ensure the power source is providing power to the device. Similarly, How do I make my Bluetooth keyboard discoverable? Pair […] More

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    What does OTC Pink Current mean?

    Key Takeaways. OTC Pink, also known as the “pink sheets,” is the most speculative of OTC Markets Group’s platforms. Companies on OTC Pink are not held to particular disclosure requirements or high financial standards seen with the stocks listed on major exchanges. Similarly, What is the OTC GREY market? Grey market stocks are traded over-the-counter […] More