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    Is Polkadot a safe investment?

    Like all cryptocurrencies, Polkadot is a highly volatile investment, which means you might see high gains, but you could also see big losses. And this is a relatively untested market, so we don’t know which coins will still be around in five or 10 years’ time. Similarly, Will Polkadot rise? The Price Prediction forecast the […] More

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    Will Polkadot explode?

    Immediately the DOT blockchain start delivering one of the fastest speeds and lower gas fee, its adoption will skyrocket in 2022. The Many products and projects coming on the Polkadot (DOT) chain are also projected to explode the DOT price. Similarly, Can Polkadot reach $500? Depending on who you talk to, Polkadot could reach $100 […] More

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    Is Polkadot a good investment 2021?

    Is Polkadot a Good Investment? Polkadot is still very young. If you like taking risks, your investment could pay off big in the long run. But it could also go bust if a newer, better technology comes along in the form of a competitor and overtakes Polkadot. Similarly, Is Polkadot worth buying? In 2021, Polkadot […] More