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    Does PooCoin use PancakeSwap?

    PooCoin and PancakeSwap have some similarities. They are both Dapps running on the Binance Smart Chain. They also allow their users to swap tokens but in the case of PancakeSwap- BEP20 tokens. Similarly, How do I get new crypto coins? How To Find New Crypto Coins. A great first step in discovering new coins is […] More

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    Is PooCoin site legit?

    The site is 100% legit, it is an incredibly useful tool with charts, defi exchange, transaction logs, etc. Similarly, Does PooCoin have a app? Chart and portfolio management for binance smart chain. Then, What is PooCoin app? PooCoin app (PooCoin) is a DeFi trading analysis website for BNB, Polygon (MATIC) and KuChain (KCC). PooCoin […] More