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    What companies use Tezos?

    Tezos, a Proof of Stake layer blockchain (which makes it more energy efficient) is used by Red Bull Racing Honda, McLaren Racing, OneOf, Interpop, and marketplaces such as Hic-Et-Nunc, OBJKT and for NFTs. Then, How many Tezos coins are there? Tezos Block reward 40 XTZ Block time 30 seconds (since Granada update) Block explorer […] More

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    How much can Tezos be worth?

    After the analysis of the prices of Tezos in previous years, it is assumed that in 2023, the minimum price of Tezos will be around $3.20. The maximum expected XTZ price may be around $3.48. On average, the trading price might be $3.33 in 2023. Then, Is Tezos better than ethereum? Tezos has the potential […] More

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    Who owns Tezos coin?

    Tezos was created by husband-and-wife team Arthur and Kathleen Breitman and first proposed in 2014. The non-profit Tezos Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland, was created in 2017 to support the project and raised $232 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum in one of the biggest initial coin offerings (ICOs) at the time. Then, What makes Tezos […] More