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    Is Rarible better than OpenSea?

    OpenSea is a larger marketplace (it supports more than 150 tokens) and has been in business longer than Rarible (Rarible was founded in 2020). … Rarible NFT. OpenSea Rarible Royalties? Yes — 10% each time another user buys your NFT Royalties? Yes — earn up to 50% each time NFT you created resells • 4 […] More

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    Does Rarible have lazy minting?

    Update: The lazy minting functionality is now available for owned collections as well, meaning you no longer have to pay gas fees to create a new custom ERC-721 project via has just become even more accessible and easy to use! Our newest feature allows you to create NFTs at zero cost. Similarly, How […] More

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    Does Rarible use Ethereum?

    Rarible leverages the Ethereum blockchain to embed within an NFT’s code the full history of its owners and transactions. Of note, when a transaction goes through, both the buyer and the seller have to pay transaction fees that go to the Rarible network. Similarly, Is Rarible better than OpenSea? On OpenSea, the royalty fee is […] More