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    How do I exchange SafeMoon?

    In Pancake Swap, tap the BNB symbol and then look for Safemoon in the search bar. In this tab open, you need to select the amount of Safemoon you want to swap. What is this? A confirmation screen will later appear, informing you of the BNB network fee. Then, Can you swap SafeMoon for Ethereum? […] More

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    Is SafeMoon V1 and V2 the same?

    SafeMoon Crypto: Difference between safeMoon V1 and safeMoon V2. On December 13, 2021, SafeMoon upgraded from V1 to V2 and merged its tokens to a 1000:1 ratio. Then, Can I still swap SafeMoon to V2? Additionally, the official SafeMoon website is Both of these locations will have an option to consolidate your V1 SafeMoon […] More

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    How many SafeMoon to SafeMoon V2?

    SafeMoon Block explorer SafeMoon V1: BscScan SafeMoon V2: BscScan Circulating supply SafeMoon V2: 564,965,664,425 (as of 17 April 2022) Supply limit SafeMoon V1: 1,000 Trillion SafeMoon V2: 1 Trillion Valuation Then, What is the difference between SafeMoon and SafeMoon V2? To raise its value, Safemoon’s developers are introducing a 1000: 1 consolidation. This means that […] More