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    How much SafeMoon V1 to V2?

    Want Daily Price Updates? SafeMoon V1 (OLD) SafeMoon V2 250 SAFEMOON 355,209,502,564,612.6 500 SAFEMOON 710,419,005,129,225.2 1000 SAFEMOON 1,420,838,010,258,450.5 2500 SAFEMOON 3,552,095,025,646,126 • 14 janv. 2022 Similarly, Is SafeMoon V1 going away? It is now set at 100% And V1 should no longer be used in any capacity. As your tokens are swapped, the SafeMoon V2 […] More

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    Is SafeMoon a good investment?

    The risk gauge rank for SAFEMOON shows the token is currently a high risk investment. Similarly, Why should I invest in SafeMoon? Manual Burn However, SafeMoon employs manual burns instead of continuous burns. The argument is that this process can implement a beneficial burn strategy for long-term investors. It also allows the burns to be […] More