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    What kind of sand do you use to build a beach?

    The best type of sand for creating a beach is yellow, large-grain sand. This type of sand will last the longest, be comfortable for summer activities, and look beautiful. Similarly, What is the best kind of sand for a sandbox? White sand looks great in the sandbox, and any bugs, feces, or debris will stand […] More

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    Should I use sharp sand or builders sand?

    Differences between sharp sand and building sand Having a larger grain size means sharp sand is slightly heavier, giving the mortar more strength yet making it less flexible to work with. Most people use sharp sand over builders sand for floor screeds, fine concrete work and laying paving courses. Similarly, Is builders sand OK for […] More

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    How much sand is in a truck?

    Ans. :- if length, width and height of inner edge of sand loaded truck is 15′ × 6′ × 5′ respectively, then volume of sand in one truck is calculated by multiplying all inner edge dimension of truck (15′ × 6′ × 5′) is 450 cft, so 450 cft is volume of sand in one […] More