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    How do I avoid gas charges on MetaMask?

    And if you really need to use Ethereum, you could save upwards of $10 by getting stingy with gas. To adjust the price down, when first making the transaction, click the Edit button in MetaMask. A window titled “Edit priority” will appear. Simply adjust the price down to whatever you want, and click Save. Similarly, […] More

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    Is ShapeShift good for crypto?

    The company is based in Switzerland and is considered to be one of the best known and trusted cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. ShapeShift is famous for offering its users the ability to trade cryptocurrencies without the need to store any or all personal data within the company’s servers. Similarly, Is ShapeShift a DAO? […] More

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    Is ShapeShift any good?

    After going through the information mentioned in the above review, it is pretty clear that ShapeShift is a pretty good platform compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. From user-friendly interface (web & mobile) to easy trading activity and real-time customer support. Similarly, Does ShapeShift require KYC? Do I need to do KYC? You don’t need to […] More