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    Is Stellar a good blockchain?

    The stellar cryptocurrency is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the world. Stellar’s low fees, fast transactions and secure environment make it a better option than most other cryptocurrencies out there, but it still has some disadvantages. In the same way, Does Stellar have its own blockchain? The Stellar blockchain’s cryptocurrency is called the […] More

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    Who runs Stellar?

    Stellar (payment network) Original author(s) Jed McCaleb Joyce Kim Operating system Cross-platform Type Blockchain License Apache License 2.0 Website In the same way, What is the difference between Stellar and ethereum? Ethereum can do everything Stellar can do and far more — it just can’t do it as quickly or inexpensively. Stellar, however, was […] More

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    Should I buy Ripple or Stellar?

    Stellar’s cryptocurrency is more accessible for the average individual. This is what makes it unique. Unlike Ripple that is more directed towards banks, Stellar is focusing more on people, especially those who live in parts of the world that are still developing. In the same way, Which cryptocurrency should I invest in 2021? 7 best […] More