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    What’s a synonym for high quality?

    synonyms for high-quality excellent. finest. first-rate. prime. superior. Similarly, How do you say more than great? 45 Quick Word Replacements for Good, Great, Awesome and Other Boring Superlatives Astounding. Bedazzling. Brilliant. Breathtaking. Classy. Compelling. Dazzling. Eclipsing. Then, What words describe quality? good quality admirable. exceptional. first-rate. good. high-caliber. preferable. remarkable. superhuman. And What is the […] More

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    What does Stellar mean in slang?

    Meaning outstanding, wonderful, better than everything else, stellar is a word of praise or excitement. Similarly, Who is a stellar person? A stellar person or thing is considered to be very good. Then, What is a better word than excellent? accomplished, admirable, attractive, distinguished, exceptional, exemplary, exquisite, fine, first-rate, good, great, magnificent, outstanding, skillful, sterling, […] More

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    Is it Stella or stellar?

    Stellar was once used to mean “star-shaped.” That use is no longer current, but today biologists and geologists might use one of these synonyms: stellular, stellate, and stelliform. Poets, too, have looked to stella. Similarly, How do you use the word stellar? being or relating to or resembling or emanating from stars. The crash of […] More