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    How does staking work on SushiSwap?

    Stake SUSHI | Sushi. For every swap on the exchange on every chain, 0.05% of the swap fees are distributed as SUSHI proportional to your share of the SushiBar. When your SUSHI is staked into the SushiBar, you receive xSUSHI in return for voting rights and a fully composable token that can interact with other […] More

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    Why is SushiSwap dropping?

    Decentralised exchange SushiSwap has suffered a 20% price drop in its SUSHI token, following the resignation of CTO Joseph Delong, caused by alleged infighting within the team. The hierarchy of the SushiSwap community had been marred by internal disputes that, according to Delong, made his role untenable. Similarly, Is SushiSwap a good investment? Is SushiSwap […] More

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    Is SushiSwap an exchange?

    SushiSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentralization means it runs a little differently than, say, Coinbase or any other centralized exchange. Similarly, Is SushiSwap a good investment? Is SushiSwap (SUSHI) a good investment? Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets, so whether the SUSHI token is a suitable investment for you depends […] More