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    Is it tear or Teer?

    A tear (teer) is a salty liquid produced by the eyes. Sometimes, the word tear is used figuratively to mean sorrow or crying. Tears are said to fall in teardrops. The word tear is sometimes used as an intransitive verb, which is a verb that does not take an object. In the same way, What […] More

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    What is the English name of bhAlA?

    spear countable noun. A spear is a weapon consisting of a long pole with a sharp point. /bhala, bhAlA, bhaalaa, bhālā/ In the same way, How is bow pronounced? How do you say cow in English? Similarly, What is an example of a Heteronym? Levin add, “Heteronyms are homographs that are not pronounced the same. […] More

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    What is the meaning of Teil?

    Noun. teil (plural teils) The lime tree, or linden. In the same way, What does prefix tele mean? Definition of tele- (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : distant : at a distance : over a distance telegram. 2a : telegraph teletypewriter. Is Teil der or das? You use “das Teil” when you refer to something […] More