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    What is in Asahi beer?

    Asahi Super Dry Beer is a Japanese rice lager. Like American lagers, these beers are made with rice and malted barley. The result is a light-colored beer with a light flavor profile. There is also higher carbonation present that calls for a drier finish. Similarly, Is Hoegaarden an ale or lager? Hoegaarden, a Belgian White […] More

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    Is Terra a Korean beer?

    OVERVIEW. South Korea – Czech Pilsner – 4.5% ABV. Terra Beer from Hite Jinro is made using barley produced in a region of Australia called the Golden Triangle. It’s refreshing and crisp taste makes Terra the most popular beer in Korea currently. Similarly, Is Terra Australian beer? Made from 100% pure malt grown in Australia […] More

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    What is the No 1 beer in Korea?

    According to a survey in South Korea in 2019, Heineken was the most popular imported beer brand among Millennials and Generation Zs (aged 19 to 34) in South Korea with 35.6 brand power index (BPI) points in 2019. Heineken was followed by Hoegaarden with around 33 points, and Tsingtao with around 31 points. Similarly, What […] More