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    How much is the UFT death benefit?

    What are the benefits? AGE AMOUNT 55-59 $6,000 60-64 $4,000 65-69 $2,500 70 and older $1,600 Similarly, Where do I find my UFT Welfare Fund ID number? Your six-digit member ID number is on the back of your membership card. This UFT ID number is different from your employee ID number or your NYSUT ID […] More

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    What is my NYSUT member number?

    You can find your I.D. on your NYSUT Membership Card. * Member ID # Month required. Similarly, Are New York City schools closed? No Closings at this time. Then, Is UFT part of NYSUT? UFT members are also members of our state affiliate, New York State United Teachers. As NYSUT members, they have access to […] More

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    How do I contact the UFT?

    Call the following numbers with any questions or for assistance: DOE members, 212-331-6311. DOE functional chapter members, 212-331-6312. UFT Welfare Fund, 212-539-0500 – questions about health benefits. Similarly, Is UFT part of NEA? It is also the largest member of New York State United Teachers, which is affiliated with the National Educational Association and Education […] More