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    Does Coinbase accept USDC?

    Coinbase customers with US dollar accounts may exchange 1 USDC for US$1.00 (and vice versa) on Coinbase in jurisdictions where USDC support is available. Note: Coinbase only supports USDC running on Ethereum (ERC-20). Similarly, What is the point of the USDC? USDC is an alternative to other USD backed cryptocurrencies like Tether (USDT) or TrueUSD […] More

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    Is USDC a good investment?

    USDC is a great option for traditional investors looking for a low-beta investment that can generate returns better than CDs. This low-beta investment can also reduce the portfolio’s overall risk which can help match the portfolio’s risk profile with the investor’s risk appetite. Similarly, What is the risk of holding USDC? Is investing in USD […] More