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    Does Zillow tell you who looks at your house?

    The Owner Dashboard is a personalized view of your home and shows you stats like how many people are viewing your listing, gives you easy access to edit your home information, and more. Check out your Owner Dashboard by entering your address here. In the same way, Can I remove price history from Zillow? From […] More

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    How do I edit map location on Zillow?

    Editing Your Listing Click ‘Update for sale by owner’ at the bottom of the page to save your change of location. In the same way, Why does my home not show up on Zillow? There could be a lag between when a house goes on the market and when Zillow’s feed pulls it in. If […] More

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    How do I create a map on Zillow?

    Press the “draw” button and use your cursor on desktop or your finger on mobile to designate a specific area on the map to see homes for sale and rental listings within your designated area. Your search can also be accessed on the go; simply save your shapes, or hit cancel to start over with […] More