Bitcoin : 2 Issues involving Bitcoin Mixers

Bitcoin : 2 Issues involving Bitcoin Mixers

I have two issues. Both being with bitcoin mixers. First issue is with the bitcoin blender. I deposited money, and although I can see the money in the wallet, I cannot access it through my account. I can see the money in TradeBlock, and I can see where it was deposited and how it was somehow withdrawn although it was never in my account. The wallet was: 1HmKGcCL2RdYf1Mvu41Kq9SXoc4TkJy92o.

Secondly, I have put bitcoin into bitmixer. I can see the coin deposited into the wallet. Although the mixer should send the money to the end account, it has yet to arrive. The wallet is: 1HmKGcCL2RdYf1Mvu41Kq9SXoc4TkJy92o

I have no idea why my coin isn’t arriving in the accounts in which they should. I’m not sure if I’m not using particular security or if I’m not understanding the blockchain appropriately.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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