Ripple : How can I recover an XRP account from the original Ripple site from a backup wallet without a Secret Key?

Ripple update: How can I recover an XRP account from the original Ripple site from a backup wallet without a Secret Key?

Could you help me to restore an XRP wallet from the original Ripple website by decrypting a wallet data file? I don’t have a secret key, but I do have a username, a password and a backup wallet file I downloaded from the site. It’s a text file dated September 13, 2013.

I didn’t save the secret key because it would be dangerous if someone stole it. I thought saving my username and password separately would be safer. It was early days, I didn’t realize yet that losing keys was a bigger risk. And I didn’t expect that Ripple would make my credentials invalid by changing the website. I didn’t pay attention at the time and never migrated to Ripple Trade. The balance should be around 700 or 4000 XRP.

Could I use a general-purpose encryption tool like openssl? Which cipher was used? There are a lot of options in openssl. I tried gpg but it returned “no valid OpenPGP data found”.

The only relevant thing I found in this sub was [this thread from 9 months ago](, where the problem wasn’t solved. I did try the conversion page First result: *Invalid username or password*. But I’m sure my username and password are correct. I printed them. Current result: *Error accessing account*.

I also tried Gatehub, and the website that was mentioned in that thread, but that didn’t work either. And I remember someone posted some code snippets on Github, but I forget where. Isn’t there a decryption tool?

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