Bitcoin : A domino has fallen

Bitcoin : A domino has fallen

A domino has fallen – the Turkish lira. The next victim of fiat decline. Central banks have run out of tools. More government currencies will continue to collapse. US dollar will grow stronger for a while, but ultimately will fall as well. What will people in the countries of fallen currencies do with their hyper-inflating paper money? Gold? Silver? Bitcoin?

Fellow hodlers, global Bitcoin adoption seems inevitable to me – its only a matter of time before these governments lose control of their currencies. The outstanding national debts are way too high, and the only way to pay this off is to print more and more money. Eventually, we will need a new global standard.

I honestly hope the Bitcoin price falls in the short term so I can collect me some Satoshis on the cheap. If you want some hopium in these down times, consider how much Bitcoin has grown compared to the “market cap” of national currencies. It’s long slow growth thats been going on for a decade. I actually think that, as government currencies continue to fail, most people will flee to gold/silver before moving to Bitcoin. I’m personally preparing for this lull in price to continue all the way until 2020 – similar to the depression length after the late 2013 Bitcoin boom and bust (check out this chart: [](

But hey, who knows what will happen. What do you think?

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Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority.
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