Bitcoin : wallet works great!

Bitcoin : wallet works great!

The wallet app is one of the greatest tools we have right now for mass adoption. Well done developers.

I saw the number of wallets downloaded from the website increased from 2,555,000 to 2,557,500, that is about 800 downloads an hour!

20,000 new wallets are created everyday and it’s rapidly growing.

Yesterday I showed a workmate (who heard about bitcoin, but never owned any) how to quickly download it from the Play Store and setup his wallet. Explain him the general differences from the book between BTC and BCH, and proceeding to send him as a gift $1 worth of BCH, payment was instant, and when they receive the amount you can see on them, on their expression of curiosity and excitement for owning their first Bitcoin. He ask me why do I do that? Well first, I told him it was tipping Tuesday in the BCH community and second explained briefly, because this is a person to person instant, cheap, borderless and and with no intermediaries money transaction. And left them have with their thoughts about it.

Today again, just before my housemate leaves for his night shift, I approached him and ask if he wanted some Bitcoin (again, heard about it but never owned any). Again quick download from his Appstore (Great job for having the app in both platforms), wallet setup. And well, his phone app was in Chinese, as his mother language is, so even if was in Chinese default I was able to get around and explaining him how easy is to start using the wallet and also sent him a gift of $1 to see his reaction. Excitement!

And as this two examples, a believe a lot of you have similar stories about sharing a gift from science to give back some power to the people.

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