Bitcoin : Bitcoin’s uncanny similarities with Gold

Bitcoin : Bitcoin’s uncanny similarities with Gold

## Bitcoin – Striking Similarities to Gold

Bitcoin is commonly viewed as a form of digital gold and both gold and Bitcoin do share a lot of similar properties. This means that interesting insights into Bitcoin can be gained by looking at the impact that the introduction of a gold ETF had on the gold price.

**Need to be convinced that gold is indeed similar to Bitcoin?**


[The golden brothers](

**So, what happened when the gold ETF was finally launched?**

Well, it kick-started the biggest bull run in gold’s history. Prices rose from just $331.60 per ounce to a high of $1,917.90. That’s an incredible **478% increase in price after the gold ETF was launched.**


[We are all hoping for an encore](

The interesting thing about the history of gold and Bitcoin is that both got futures contracts before an ETF was launched. In both cases, there was a big increase in price before the futures markets opened and there was a significant fall in the price of both assets when futures trading actually began.

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