Bitcoin : Blockchain Runner: what kind of future will the new block-states create?

Bitcoin : Blockchain Runner: what kind of future will the new block-states create?

**How to build a successful life in new states created on the basis of the blockchain — Finrazor team started an investigation…**

The crypto-world develops in different directions, and besides [‘common’ crypto-baskets and decentralized exchanges](, a new layer of lots of interesting things is thriving: firstly, our consciousness was blurred with [crypto-kitties]( and [crypto-fishes](, and now whole states are being created on the basis of the blockchain. What motivates their creators to rush into alternative reality? Is this our future?

Recently, [Personal State](, a new block-state of Soviet Land was registered.

According to the Constitution of the Soviet Land, any person born in the former USSR, as well as a direct descendant of USSR-citizen, have the right to a citizen of this Soviet block-state.

Here, they created the national cryptocurrency of the Soviet Land — Soviet Land Crypto Rubl (SLCR), which is compulsory for all Soviet Land residents and is used unrestrictedly in international settlements, in settlements between legal entities and individuals.

‘Former investors of the USSR Savings Bank have the right to receive the amount of the unrecognized contribution to the SLCR in the USSR, taking into account inflation,’ — [the document declares](

[Andrei Milenin](, the owner, states ‘peaceful, independent, Soviet, with a centralized form of individual government.’

But after a closer look, it seems there are some opposite definitions: concepts like ‘peaceful’ and ‘independent’ can hardly line up with ‘Soviet’. Also, there is not so much evident and reasonable bond with the ‘late’ USSR concepts, except the generous promise of money refund. Even if these issues are being settled, the next question is how it all will be in use.

By the way, this is not the first block-state in the world. ‘Decenturion’ project already exists. Its first passports were issued in May 2018 at the New Consensus conference in New York. Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, Winnie Lingham, founder of Civic, and Nikolay Evdokimov, CEO of ICOBox became its citizens. However, there are numerous concerns about Decenturion being rather notorious than noble (but what project is not bashed with criticism, at least occasionally?).

Let us briefly describe similar projects. [Decentraland]( You can buy a plot of virtual land in a virtual city, with certain neighborhoods costing more than others, like in a real city. Except that it isn’t a real city. It is all virtual.

The virtual state of [Freeland]( just opened his doors to his potential residents.

‘Our main idea is to create our own virtual jurisdiction with brand-new society and modern management tools, an extra-territorial state model called Freeland.’ — states creators in the concept.

The crucial difference is that these projects are organized in a brand-new ‘land’: blockchain. But there are still questions: how to exist in this states, by the principle of the popular ‘Sims-2’ game or is it more than real? Because today they are exactly the same states as all the others, now existing: recognized and unrecognized.

The choice of one’s motherland or citizenship becomes a conscious choice, opposite to the obsolete feudal model, where the state is a tax-collector and an ultimate services provisioner. In fact, the state of the future looks like a service company to meet all the demands of its citizens and, what is more important, let them make real decisions.

This idea pretty matches the concept of decentralization. But the main question is about the practical, consistent steps to fulfill all this. So, is the concept of the Homeland serves as a pure verbal speculation or it really opens new possibilities?


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