Bitcoin : Can we talk about sockpuppets please?

Bitcoin : Can we talk about sockpuppets please?

So yesterday I must have angered quite a few people because I received **5** complaint messages. They were all very peculiar, [see for yourself](


Now these are pretty interesting users:

* u/Redditeatsfuckinshit – Account created in Feb 2018. Two active posts since then. TWO.

* u/Mikelikescrypto – Account created less than a month ago. Three active posts since then. One of them is about “creating a culture that hates bitcoin”. Very informed fella.

* u/Bankonhits – One year club… seems legit! Nice. Hang on… 4 posts in total since then, three in the last 12 hours. None in any crypto related subs.

* u/Hott_Chocolate_Fire – One year club.. nice! Not very active though, about 10 posts altogether.

* u/SHOOSE_CSERNAME – Another account from Feb 2018. A bit more active than the other ones.


What’s going on??? Sockpuppets in action?

View the link


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