Bitcoin : Cashshuffle plugin for Electron Cash – feedback & ideas

Bitcoin : Cashshuffle plugin for Electron Cash – feedback & ideas

Thank you Cashshuffle developers for the great plugin!
It seems to work very well so far.

First, a report of a minor issue I found, which others may be able to reproduce, is that when the wallet is emptied after having installed and activated the plugin, the plugin v0.4 crashes with an IndexError. Unfortunately on Windows the crash traceback dialog windows doesn’t allow to copy the traceback, and doesn’t resize to even show the entire lines.

A simple fix for this worked for me: put money in again.
To do this, I had to disable the plugin quickly after load before it crashes the app (this was possible even using GUI), then send some funds to the wallet, and re-enable the plugin. Back in business!

Now I have some “feature request” type questions, maybe the devs can tell me if possible, already planned, or they would suggest other ways:

– I’d like to have the plugin automatically retry in case of timeout due to no other players. I was thinking this should be an option to retry with some delay. The loop would be terminated once a shuffle succeeds or the operator aborts it.

– Another feature I got thinking about would be having a liquidity bot implemented as a plugin (or as features of the existing one). It would shuffle continuously as long as big enough outputs exist or until funds get down below some user-configurable level in the wallet. It could optionally do some consolidation transactions in case the wallet was dedicated to a “liquidity bot” function. Again some parameters might slow it down, i.e. initiate a shuffle attempt every 60s while it has suitable inputs, or go into a mode of consolidating inputs if necessary and possible. I’m thinking because of the configurability this would probably be better off in a new plugin, provided it could easily use the cashshuffle plugin’s functionality to do the actual shuffling.

I believe if an Electron Cash plugin could provide continuous shuffling liquidity, a lot of people might leave some running, because it’s so trivial to setup and costs very little in fees to run. What do you think?

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