Bitcoin : Could the gov create their own cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin : Could the gov create their own cryptocurrency?

I love bitcoin and alt coins, the whole 9 yards. But i have been seeing companies like IBM mentioning that they are looking into cryptocurrency for banking.

Got me thinking, cant the gov just create its own cryptocurrency?

Then they would just swap our usd and bank accounts for their “coin / new money”. Ofcourse we can say no one would want that and they would still want bitcoin.

But, i believe more people would want the new gov money. And i do not think you could invest in it like you can bitcoin.

Bitcoin is amazing and cool and all but it does not seem stable to be used as a daily currency for everyone. Having $1000 today and than $800 possibly tomorrow or $2000 tomorrow would seem to stop daily users from purchases.

Ofcourse bitcoin would not be accepted or used by the gov, they didnt create it (well were not sure).

Hell, bitcoin and crypto could all be a beta program to see how it functions in the world before creating a new currency.

I believe we could see a new world currency in the form of crypto and blockchain. You cant print fake crypto like cash. And big brother would love if everything was on blockchain.

I am not on anyones side, i am just thinking i guess crazy conspiracys hehe.

Anyways, thoughts?

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Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority.
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