Bitcoin : How the profit on Bitmex long contract is calculated

Bitcoin : How the profit on Bitmex long contract is calculated

For example, if you have long position with leverage 1 and the price doubles your ROI will not be 100% as you may expect, but 50%.

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* If the price increase 10% you will get ROI 9.09%.
* If the price increase 100% (price dobule) you will get ROI 50%.
* If the price increase 200% (price tripple) you will get ROI 66.67%.
* If the price increase 300% (price x4) you will get ROI 75.00%.

Also: there will be liquidation when the price drop below 49.8% the opening price.

Which platform should I use in order to get the proportional percentages (linear relation between price change and ROI)?

I know about Evolve Markets, but their swap is 0.20% per day. It’s too much. It’s 73% per 365 days.

Where the swap rate is something reasonable? Like 2-5% per year?

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