Bitcoin : I think I just had the most amazing business idea. Tell me what you think.

Bitcoin : I think I just had the most amazing business idea. Tell me what you think.

The problem:
You want to travel abroad with bitcoin – but it is difficult to spend, and difficult to change into the local currency.

An app that introduces bitcoin sellers to bitcoin buyers (for cash in local currency). Kinda like Uber – but for exchanging bitcoin for local currency (instead of getting a ride).

Both buyers and sellers are reviewed by other users (like Uber or Air BnB) so you can see that they are trustworthy.

Bitcoin buyers can set their own commission on the app (depending on demand etc.) and the Bitcoin seller can choose between the different buyers (depending on location and commission). The cash part of the transaction would take place in person so the seller would have to go to the buyers’ house or a designated meeting place.

For travelers, it would be more secure to travel without cash, and you would probably meet like-minded people. It could also be a back-up for people – for if they have their money stolen.

As far as I can tell, this would be perfectly legal.

I’m giving this idea away because I don’t have the bandwidth to work on it. I am guessing someone here might be into it.

I have a lot of this thought through (not the code) so if you are interested in the idea and just want some guidance – you can dm me.

If someone becomes a billionaire from reading this and making it happen then 1. I salute you. and 2. give me some money… a million or two will do.

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