Bitcoin : Let’s be clear on exactly which group controls the Bitcoin Core (BTC) code repository

Bitcoin : Let’s be clear on exactly which group controls the Bitcoin Core (BTC) code repository

They say it’s a decentralized code repository not controlled by Blockstream, but let’s be clear on exactly who is making the final calls on what codes to merge. From a 2016 chat log:

* <Luke-Jr> if the miners attempt to hardfork, against the consensus of the community/economy, the the community/economy may very well change PoW to overrule the miners’ defection/betrayal

* <sipa> Luke-Jr: they may, but it’s ridiculous to propose that at this point, sorry

* <Luke-Jr> if there is a real consensus (not just miners) for a hardfork, then we don’t have that situation and it can proceed safely

* <sipa> i would strongly oppose merging it in bitcoin core, on the grounds that it would require an extremely high degree of consensus, and i do not see that hapoening

* <sipa> Luke-Jr: yes, i understand, but it sends the completely wrong message imho

* <sipa> the incentive is to maintain a single chain, and changing pow would be very damaging for that

* <sipa> if mining would become completely centralized, the rest of the ecosystem should have a reason to together switch PoW

* <sipa> as mining is an expensive choice for the ecosystem, and its only purpose is avoiding central control and censorship;; in a highly centralized mining ecosystem, you get the coss without the benefits

* <sipa> however, i think that it is clear right now that switching PoW would be way harder to get consensus on than other things thay are being debated

* **<sipa> so do not worry, i have no intention of merging such a thing**



Sipa is Pieter Wuille from Blockstream. He is the co-founder there and the author of Segregated Witness. Emphasis above is my own to show that no merges are happening unless Pieter (Blockstream) make the final decision on changes that Blockstream wants to see.

A great example is the SegWit soft fork – Segregated Witness was highly contentious, however, it was merged into Bitcoin Core. But other forks, no no, that can’t be merged unless Pieter says so. Right. Let’s not kid ourselves on who is really controlling Bitcoin Core development. And of course, who can forget who set the entire roadmap for BTC in 2015? Greg Maxwell, the other co-founder of Blockstream: –>

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