Bitcoin : Lightning network possible attack issue

Bitcoin : Lightning network possible attack issue

To illustrate my issue, let’s consider that Alice and Bob have each contributed to a channel with 1BTC. After multiple payments, Alice has 0.5 BTC and Bob 1.5 BTC. Lets say that millions of people are using lightning network, so millions of channels are open like Alice and Bob.

A network attack happens at this moment, putting fees really high.

Alice decides to cheat thanks to an older state (when she had 0.9BTC) and broadcast the transaction. Millions of channels do the same and broadcast an obsolete state.

Now the cheated users have to broadcast the last state to get their money. Millions of people try to do that but the network is congested and a big part of them won’t be able to close the channel before the timeout.

Am I misunderstanding something or is this a possible issue ?

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